In addition to our well-established roots in Turin and North-West Italy, we have a strong focus on international endeavours, which gives us a prominent European identity. Our founders, Roberto M. Cagnazzo and Paolo Motto, leverage their extensive expertise on both global and local levels to prioritize the client experience. We highly value active client engagement and provide unwavering support and guidance to those seeking new challenges and ventures. Our core values revolve around ethics, excellence, and innovation. Therefore, our clients not only receive comprehensive specialized consultancy in traditional realms but also benefit from dynamic, creative, contemporary, and digital services.
Our team of highly skilled and up-to-date professionals possesses a keen understanding of our clients’ unique business traits. This allows us to develop and offer customized solutions that align with our unwavering commitment to efficiency, precision, and service quality. As proud members of the GGI Global Alliance (, a prestigious global alliance of independent firms specializing in Accounting, Tax, Legal, and Advisory services, operating in over 126 countries, we are well-positioned to provide our Italian and international clients with the finest advice and assistance for resolving tax, corporate, business, and legal matters at national, European, or global scales.



“We thrive together, overcoming challenges that we face alone”. This principle is the cornerstone of our business vision and serves as the wellspring of our collective strength.


In today’s fast-paced world, staying ahead necessitates wholeheartedly embracing innovation. It is crucial for us to continuously evolve alongside our customers’ ever-changing needs. Ongoing professional and technological advancements are vital in effectively navigating the shifting dynamics of the market.


“Excitement arises from accomplishments, while fulfilment stems from the journey that led us there”. We firmly believe that prioritizing customer satisfaction, both on a personal and professional level, is the most effective pathway to achieving our goals.

Areas of Activities