Beyond our long-established roots in Turin and North-West Italy, our professional niche extends to a zealous calling towards internationality, conferring us a glaring European identity. Through the coalition of their professional know-how on both global and local scales, our founders Roberto Maria Cagnazzo and Paolo Motto prioritize client experience: we strongly value the clientele’s central involvement and the provision of solid support and assistance to the desire of undertaking new challenges and projects is of paramount importance to us. We firmly believe in ethics, excellence and innovation. Therefore, our clients will not only benefit from all-round specialist consultancy in the most traditional sense, but will also be assisted through more dynamic, ingenious, contemporary and digital services. Our exceedingly adept and up-to-date professionals will provide flexible understanding of our clients’ business hallmarks, in order to devise and share customized solutions running parallel with our constant commitment to efficiency, accuracy and quality of service. As members of GGI Global Alliance ( a global alliance of independent Accounting, Tax, Legal & Advising firms among the most important in the world present in more than 126 countries – our Italian and foreign clients will receive the best possible advice and assistance in solving any of their tax, corporate, business and legal issues on a national, European or worldwide scale.



“Alone it’s hard. Toghether is better” this is a pillar of our business vision and also our strength.


Today the world moves at a high speed, being innovative is important so we can evolve together with our customer’s needs. A Constant professional and technological updating are essential to face markets change.


“EXCITEMENT COMES FROM THE ACHIEVEMENT. FULFILLMENT COMES FROM THE JOURNEY THAT GOT YOU THERE”. We strongly believe that aiming at customers’ satisfaction at a personal and professional level is the best way to achieve goals.

Areas of activities